Modern Fall Wedding | The Windsor at Hebron Park | Courtney + Josh

About Courtney and Josh's Big Day

Courtney and Josh got married on November 19th, 2017 and it was just such an honor to be there to capture that special day with them. I got asked to come photograph their wedding as a second photographer that day. I have been so lucky to work alongside with Veronica Ellerman with Peaches with Honey Photography, and it has been nothing but fun and exciting. Courtney wanted a second shooter for her special day to make sure her husband-to-be, Josh, got his own time being in front of the camera and getting every little moment of his special day, too.

Spending Time with Josh

To be honest, I love being a second shooter and I absolutely love it when brides hire a second shooter. Josh had his best friend there with him. It was just the two of them for a while getting ready, chatting about old memories they have had, and talking about what life would be like as a married man. I captured these nervous moments, the happy moments and the moments that I know him and his bride were going to cherish forever. I get to see the view of the groom that day, although the brides are usually the ones that have planned how this day will be since they were little, it’s also the groom that gets to imagine the day he gets married. I get to hang out with him and hear his words. Like, how he met his lovely bride, the things he loves about her, how he’s so curious to see how she’ll look in the beautiful white wedding dress that she’s been talking about all this time, the way they tell me how nervous they are and they’ll be so embarrassed if they fall over or something. They see this day from such a different point of view that it makes me appreciate them so much. When the bride is nervous about the timeline and making sure minute things like the wedding cake is perfect and the florals are where they are supposed to be, he is making sure he is doing his best to make this day as perfect as his bride has been dreaming it. Then, when the wedding is taking place and the ceremony, which is the scariest part according to them, is over you can see how happy and carefree the men are knowing they were nervous for nothing and they made the best decision ever. Brides it is well worth having a second shooter for your special day! I promise it’ll be worth it!


I hope you enjoy this beautiful wedding day of theirs and be sure to check out Peaches with Honey to see some of her amazing work!

Thank you again, Courtney and Josh, I am so happy I got to be there for you two!


Thank you, I really can’t wait to be there to photograph our special day and maybe bring over a second shooter to make sure we capture your day as it is meant to be! Click here to book with me, I can send you detailed rates and rates for a second shooter! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

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