Katlyn + Frederic | Proposal | West Texas

Oh my goodness I don't even know how to begin to explain the love and laughter that was going on with this session. 
Katlyn first contacted me asking me for a session for her and her boyfriend Frederic. She wanted a session of the two of them with wind turbines to be incorporated. I was immediately so, so excited because of how random and creative this was. When she explained to me why she wanted the turbines, I was just in awe of how much they both loved being turbine technicians & loved what they did for a living.

The day of the session came around, I met Katlyn & Frederic in McCamey, Tx, where they chose their location to take place. As soon as we introduced ourselves, it immediately became such an amazing experience for the both of us. They began to tell me so much about the wind turbines, that I seriously had no idea about & how they actually met at school while they were studying to be technicians. Their instructor was the one who actually introduced them to each other because they were from the same hometown. They began to talk and a year later here we are, celebrating their love for what they do, celebrating Katlyn's birthday AND.... out of no where no we were celebrating their engagement!!!! Frederic took a knee and popped the question at the end of the session! I was so shocked, how sweet was he to make sure this moment was photographed forever. She said yes of course!! What a romantic way to end the night! They were so much fun to photograph, it was their first time and you would have never thought. The love & connection they have for each other made it so easy to capture! 

Thank you Katlyn & Freddy for bringing me along with you guys! I had so much fun meeting and being there for you two in this very special moment! Congratulations again, I wish you two the nothing but the best as you deserve! Cheers!!

Lilly McCleary