Julia + Nate | Engagement | Palo Duro Canyon

Nate and Julia’s engagement session in Palo Duro and my first time getting to know them before their wedding next spring!

They’re love birds!

Have you ever met anyone and instantly you knew they were your kind of people? Ugh, I love when that happens, especially clients of mine! Immediately we were having a blast photographing and hiking together!! They are the king of people you trust to save your life if something happened because you went hiking down a trail with the wrong shoes and no water. (That may or may not have happened) Plus, they both are in the Air-force, so it’s a given I trust them, but still. I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding, I can already tell it’s going to be the best day ever! Hope you enjoy these, because you can just see the love pouring into one another!!

Thank you a million times again Nate and Julia!!
Cheers to you guys!!

Lilly McCleary